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Printing on fabrics, knitwear and eco-leather

Printing on natural fabrics

Printed natural fabrics are an endless source of inspiration for clothing, bedding and home decor items. We print on cotton fabrics and linen, thanks to which you can implement your wildest ideas.

Printing on fabrics

Printed cotton fabrics

We print on cotton satin, cotton Noris and Heavy Twill denim fabric. The large variety of weights and textures gives you the opportunity to match the printed cotton to your project. Soft satin and cotton noris is a great material for bedding, pillowcases, wraps, blankets or cocoons, as well as for decors for the children’s room. Fleshy Heavy Twill with a print will find use in heavier decorations – curtains, tablecloths and as a pillowcase and upholstery fabric.

Print on linen

Printed linen is a fabric that acquires a beautiful character thanks to its texture. It is an excellent fabric for airy summer clothing, pillowcases, original tablecloths or curtains. Printed linen is also very often used as a base for printed images both for the home and for exhibitions and openings in art galleries and museums.

Printing on knitted fabrics

Digitally printed knitted fabrics are a world of great opportunities for apparel products for children and adults. Printing knitted fabrics from the role allows you to create prints on the entire design of a T-shirt, dress, trousers or clothes for children. A small minimum order quantity allows you to create unique collections in a small amount.

Printing on knitted fabrics

Printed eco leather

Printed eco-leather is an excellent vegan substitute for leather products. The characteristics of the material are very similar to leather, and the possibilities of creation are limited only by your imagination – you can print any color or pattern and create an absolutely unique handbag, belt or wallet. Printed eco-leather will find application in the entire leather goods industry, as well as in the production of original shoes with any print.