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Print shop for fabrics, knitwear and eco-leather

Digital textile printing house

We print fabrics, beautifully!

Printella - printing house for fabrics, knitwear and eco-leather

We are a digital textile printing house – we print any patterns from our collections or your files on fabrics, knitted fabrics and eco-leather . A small minimum quantity, fast delivery time and beautiful colors are our main advantages. Your imagination will love our prints!

Print your pattern with Printella !

Fabrics and knitted fabrics printing house

We will print your designs!

Textile printing house

We print for pattern designers, fabric stores, clothing manufacturers, sewing enthusiasts and more. If:

we will print a beautiful fabric for you!

Ecological printing without the use of water

Ecological fabric and knitwear printing house

We print in pigment technology without the use of water in the printing process, thanks to which we can save up to 14 liters of water per each running meter!

By printing with Printella, you take care of our Mother Earth.

see why you will love our  textile printing house

Our fabrics

Choose the material on which you would like to print your design. Both cotton, linen and knitted fabrics – french terry, single jersey – and eco-leather are available. Everyone will find something for himself!

Sample prints on fabrics