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Cotton muslin with your Imprint!



Muślin bawełniany z Twoim nadrukiem
Certyfikat OEKO-TEX

Double Gaze 120 g/m2 cotton muslin fabric with your Imprint

Fabric code
100% Cotton
120 g/m2
Print width
138 cm

Cotton muslin double gauze 120 gsm is a light, airy fabric ideal for sewing baby clothes, bedding, baby slings, curtains and home decor.
It is very delicate, soft and keeps the body breathing.

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Sample prints on muslin

What can you sew from muslin?

Among other things, you will sew from printed muslin:

Baby slings


Summer clothes


Children's clothing


Ecological printing without the use of water
Minimum order only 2 running meters
Fast shipping up to 5 working days
We always check your files

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