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How to send files via WeTransfer?

Below you will find instructions on how to send files to our WeTransfer account:

Step by step instruction

After accepting the regulations, the screen shown on the right will appear.

If you want to add individual files, click on (1) ” Add you files“, find the files on your computer and select all that you want to send to us.

If you have files prepared in folders, click on (1) ” Or select a folder” and select the folders you want to attach.

Enter your email address in the (2) ” Your email” field.

In the (3) Title fields, enter the order number (only if you already have one), and if you are ordering for the first time, enter your invoice details, telephone number and shipping address in the “Message” field, if different from your data.

After filling in all the fields, click on the Transfer button.

When we receive notification of the transfer, we will prepare the documents for you and we will get back to you.

Jak wysłać pliki WeTransferem

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