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How to send files for printing?

If you name your print files appropriately, we will count the exact number of running meters and prepare a list of files for printing and a proforma for you.

Below you will find instructions on how to prepare files for transfer.

Prepare project files for transfer

Click if you are looking for information How to prepare projects?

Prepare your files so that we know what quantity and on what fabric you need. For example, if you have a project named:


edit its name (right-click on the file name and select “Rename” from the menu) according to the following scheme:

sunshine_number of meters_name of the material.jpg

for example uploading the following file:


will make us print 3 running meters of the sunshine file for you on a 250g sweatshirt (french terry 250g).

Change the size of the report / panel

If you want to print the file in a scale other than 1: 1 , write the expected size in its name:

sunshine_report size_number of meters_name of the material.jpg

for example uploading the following file:


will make us print 3 running meters of sunshine file for you, with report size 25x20cm on single jersey 220g fabric.

Fabric names abbreviations

You can use the abbreviation of the material name and weight in case there are more materials of one type in the offer. For example:

  • sweatshirt / french terry 250g – ft250,
  • single jersey – sj220 for single jersey 220g,
  • sj170 for single jersey 170g,
  • cotton noris 155g – cn155g,
  • cotton satin 145g – sb145,
  • eco-leather new york – eny.

You can also use your own name, just make sure we recognize the type of fabric without any problems.

Upload files via WeTransfer

Once you have the files ready, create folders with the names of the fabrics and place the appropriate design files in them. If you order prints on only one fabric , you do not need to create an additional folder .

Send the files prepared for printing to us via our WeTransfer account:

Read How to send files via WeTransfer?.

In the Message field, enter the order number, if it has already been assigned.

If you are ordering for the first time

Enter the invoice details in the Message field:

  • if you do not have a NIP / VAT EU number – name and surname,
  • if you have a NIP / European EU VAT number – company name,
  • address and shipping address, if different from your address / company address,
  • phone number for the courier and contact.

You can also send us this data by e-mail:

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us by email, phone or chat.



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