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How to prepare projects for printing?

Below you will find instructions on how to prepare a project for printing on fabrics – formats in which we accept files, resolution and color space, as well as technical information on projects and printing on panels.

File format for printing on fabric

We accept files in JPG format exported at 100% quality.

Color space

We prefer files in RGB space which supports a larger range of colors. Our software interprets your files to best match the color on the printout.

Remember that the design visible on your device is illuminated with a light source, and the print is made on fabrics that have different textures (smaller or larger fibers on the surface), and therefore this color will never be exactly the same as on the screen.

File resolution

The minimum file resolution for printing on fabrics is 72 dpi, the recommended is 150 dpi, and the optimal is 300 dpi.

File size

It is the best to send files on a 1:1 scale. If you want to print a different file(raport/design) size, read the instructions in the article How to send files for printing?

FREE File Checking

We check all uploaded files free of charge for:

  • appropriate file resolution,
  • The correct size of the report,
  • errors in combining reports.
This way you don’t have to worry whether your order will be printed well.

Modification of projects

Our graphic department can modify the file for you – replace the background color, elements or the content of the subtitles. Changes are only possible for selected file types.

Ask for a quote for changes in your project.

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